What jobs can 14 year olds work in?

Answer Do some yard work or ask some elderly person needs some help with anything.

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What jobs can a 16 year olds get?

When I was 15 my first job was Steak N' Shake. They are open 24/7 so I was allowed to get really flexible hours. Resturants, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target. etc. However the BEST place to work is Walgree... Read More »

What kind of jobs for 15-year-olds are in Charlotte NC?

In North Carolina, 15 year old teenagers are allowed to work in most office jobs and retail and food service establishments, but may not work in processing, mining or in any workroom or workplace w... Read More »

What jobs hire 15 year olds in Seattle Washington?

Fast Food places IF you get a school work permit.-

What are some Jobs 13 year olds can do to make 20 Dollars?

i don't think there is anywhere that you can legally work at 13. I would say maybe mow lawns,babysit, or maybe even walk dogs in your neighborhood (thats what i did for awithle) Im 15 and still wai... Read More »