What jewelry and makeup should I wear?

Answer If you're wearing your hair up, you should wear stud earrings, and if you're wearing it down try some dangling earrings so they could show a little. Personally I prefer gold jewelry, silver looks c... Read More »

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What jewelry should I wear with a strapless dress?

On One Hand: Short and SweetWhen you're wearing a strapless dress, a necklace that stays above the top of the neckline is a safe choice, because it keeps the exposed skin from looking naked without... Read More »

What makeup should I wear(PIC)?

I know other people above me are saying "don't wear anything," but that's not the reason you asked this question. I'm sure you wanted some kind of answer or advice. Here are my suggestions:Well, as... Read More »

What makeup should i wear?

i use dinair airbrush makeup and they let me email my picture into them and then they just told me which of their shades to made it super simple..i use their makeup for all my makeup...ive... Read More »

What makeup should a 12 yr old wear ?

i think you should just curl your lashes and some lip gloss. i've learned from guy friends that the natural look makes you look fresher and they like it.