My Sims 3 won't let me download exchange items?

Answer Well some of the items I can't download because I haven't uploaded the new patch. I am not planning to either, because too many people have problems with it. To download things from the exchange, i... Read More »

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What Items Can Be Reaffirmed During Bankruptcy?

Reaffirmation in bankruptcy refers to the debtor's voluntary agreement to pay back all or a certain percentage of certain debts to the creditor. There are many advantages to reaffirming items in ba... Read More »

What was the exchange for 400 francs in American money during 1890?

In 1980, 400 French francs were equal to $78 in American money, which would be worth $1,900 in 2010. In June 1890, the New York Stock Exchange quoted the French franc at between 19 and 20 U.S. cent... Read More »

What is/were your favorite "must have" baby items?

The Summer Deluxe baby bather is really good. My baby is 13 months old and I'm still using it. He loves it and it makes bathtime very easy. Folds up nice and flat, easy to wash. 15 bucks, if I ... Read More »

What items were made from research done by NASA?

Because research showed that water couldn't be there and nore could a living thing but it was found. both of them.