What items use energy while plugged in, even if not in use?

Answer Sort list - Any item that is plugged in that has a display or a remote control. These items have a phantom load that supplies 5 volts to these logic circuits.Items with clocks are in this categorie... Read More »

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Which household items use energy when left plugged in?

Anything that doesn't have an external power switch such as a refrigerator and anything that is left in standby mode such as TV's and PC's.

Do plugged-in appliances use energy?

Some appliances use electricity even when they are turned off. Such usage, known as "phantom power" or "energy vampires," occurs because appliances draw a small amount of power to maintain internal... Read More »

How much energy does a printer use if it plugged in 24/7?

Depends on the printer, a small inkjet takes very little power and the modern printers actually go into 'standby' so it requires very little.However a big photocopier printer that is in offices req... Read More »

Does a lamp that is plugged in but not turned on still waste money and energy?

No, it doesn't because no energy is being expended, you don't have to pay for the plug sitting in the outlet, which is all that's going on.