What items use energy while plugged in, even if not in use?

Answer Sort list - Any item that is plugged in that has a display or a remote control. These items have a phantom load that supplies 5 volts to these logic circuits.Items with clocks are in this categorie... Read More »

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Which household items use energy when left plugged in?

Anything that doesn't have an external power switch such as a refrigerator and anything that is left in standby mode such as TV's and PC's.

My mouse suddenly started vibrating!! What can I do I can't turn it off!! It's not even plugged! Please help!?

Your the cause of it..sexual've got to let it out, man! And since its vibrating, use it.

Do plugged-in appliances use energy?

Some appliances use electricity even when they are turned off. Such usage, known as "phantom power" or "energy vampires," occurs because appliances draw a small amount of power to maintain internal... Read More »

Is it ok to keep my laptop plugged even if my battery is full?

It depends on the type of battery. If it is lithium ion -- which most laptop batteries sold in the last 5 years are -- there is no advantage to unplugging it or doing a deep discharge.The idea that... Read More »