What items come with your iPod?

Answer My ipod 5th gen came with only a usb cord and stickers.

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Do the ear buds that come with the Ipod hurt your ears?

I bought an Ipod Nano and the earplugs that came with it hurt my ears. I bought some better ones separately that feel great and stay in. They have the foam on them that you squeeze down right bef... Read More »

How do you hook up an ipod nano to your computer. Does it come with a usb cord?

it should come w/ a chord cause mine did. u can also try buying an additional chord at any electronic store because that's the only way to hook it up to ur computer.

Do Ipod touch 4Gs come with the head phones that have the mic attached like the ones that come with the Iphone 4?

Your ipod wont let the right headphone work when you plug the headphones in all the way you have to leave them half unplugged What is worng with your ipod?