What it the standard type memory for older computers?

Answer go to that site will show/tell you all types and about memory

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What is the maximum memory for 64 bit computers?

2^64 = 16 EiB = 4 GiB * 4 GiB.16 EiB / 16 GiB = 1 GiB, so it would take over 1 Billion 16 GiB memory sticks to fully use a 64 bit address space.1 GiB = 1,073,741,824.Not sure how you would fit them... Read More »

Can the co-signer get insurance on an older model car and what type?

I have O positive blood type. My older sister has O negative blood type. Is this possible?

Yes. The way blood type works is you inherit it from your parents. Your mother and father can have different blood types and they each give you one of their alleles. Odds are, both your parents ... Read More »

What type of policies are covered in non-standard auto programs?

Non-Standard Auto Insurance All of them. Typically you can get most of the standard coverages on a non-standard or assigned risk type policy.