What city is the capital of Vietnam?

Answer The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi, a city that served as the capital of North Vietnam following the division of the territory into North Vietnam and South Vietnam in 1954. Saigon, the capital of Sout... Read More »

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What is the capital city of north vietnam?

Following the failure of France to re-establish colonial authority over Vietnam following World War II, Vietnam was divided into a communist country in the north with Hanoi as its capital, and an a... Read More »

What was the impact of direct US military involvement in Vietnam and what consequences did it have for Vietnam and Cambodia?

The direct impact on SOUTH Vietnam was exposure to the United States way of life. SOUTH Vietnamese people saw what US personnel looked like; how they dressed, how they talked, how they moved about ... Read More »

What countries were in alliance with south Vietnam during Vietnam war?

US, New Zealand, Australia, South Korea, South Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines.

Is US Army Reservist who served during the Vietnam War a Vietnam Era Vet?