What it means to REBOOT a computerHow it is doneWhy and when please explain.?

Answer Good day. Reboot simply means restarting your computer.Start-> Shutdown -> Restart.Boot means starting your computer.Dual boot meas 2 operating systems eg XP and 98 on one computer and u can boot f... Read More »

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What does VPN means explain?

How many times do you need to ask the same question in a week?

Can you explain what brother-in-law means?

Your brother-in-law is the brother of your spouse or the husband of your sister.

I feel a fool for asking but can someone explain to me what IMAO means please.?

Well, after having been told 27 times what the answer is (when once would have done....!) we can all safely assume you now know what LMAO means.

I am doing home work for HOSPITALITY , and i need some one to explain what " CUISINE " MEANS?

A style or method of cooking like something is being cooked a Certain way . xxx