What is/was your favorite childhood storybook?

Answer I was all about Dr. Seuss, Green Eggs and Ham was my personal fave. But my son's fave was "One Fish Two Fish" I swear I think I still know most of it by heart after reading it to him 2-3 times a ni... Read More »

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What is your favorite childhood movie?

Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice are the two movies I watched over and over as a child.I am still in love with those films, Tim Burton is just that awesome.

What were your favorite movies from your childhood?

Journey to the center of the earth, James Mason , One Million Years B.C. Loved Dinosaurs .Lady and the Tramp . The Swiss Family Robinson ,Shipwrecked storiesKing Kong . It a Mad,Mad,Mad World .

In your childhood, what was your favorite grade?

3rd grade. The teacher was so much fun and I remember I always wanted to go to school because she would play with us and teach at the same time.

Whats your favorite childhood movieThe one you watched over and over!?

My favorite childhood movie was "The last Unicorn" I swear I used to drive my mother crzy watching it over and over and over again!!!