What island was gilligans island filmed on?

Answer Gilligan's Island wasn't actually filmed on an island. It was filmed on stages at CBS Studio Center in Los Angeles, California. The island seen in the opening credits is Coconut Island near Hawaii,... Read More »

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Where are the cast of gilligans island now?

The cast as of January, 2010 :Bob Denver - Died Alan Hale - Died Jim Backus - Died Natalie Schafer - Died Tina Louise - Still Acting Dawn Wells - Still Acting Russell Johnson - Still Acting

Where are the cast of gilligans island?

Hmm...the Howells, the Skipper and Gilligan are dead....the professor never got another big acting job, he does a lot of work with "remembrance" stuff about Gilligan's Island...not sure about the o... Read More »

Who were the 7 castaways on Gilligans island?

Gilligan [if he had a first name, it would have been Willy], played by Bob Denver, The Skipper [Captain Jonas Grumby], played by Alan Hale, Jr., The millionaire Thurston Howell lll, played by Jim B... Read More »

What was the professors name on Gilligans Island?

The character was Professor Roy Hinkley, played by actor Russell Johnson.