What island is west of Curacao?

Answer The island of Aruba lies west of the island of Curacao. Both islands are part of the ABC islands. The third island of the trio, Bonaire, lies to the east of Curacao.Source:ABC-Travelguide: Curacao

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Where is Curacao Island?

The island of Curacao, a part of the Netherlands Antilles and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is located in the Caribbean Sea, about 35 miles off the coast of Venezuela. The center of the island li... Read More »

Where is Curacao Island located?

The island of Curacao, which is part of the Netherlands Antilles, is located in the Caribbean Sea just north of Venezuela. The largest city on the island is Willemstad, which is also the capital ci... Read More »

How many nationalities live on the island of Curacao?

There are 40-50 different nationalities living on the island of Curacao. Africans, South Americans and Europeans make up the majority of the population. In total, the island has about 150,000 inhab... Read More »

What is the largest island off the Canadian west coast?

There are many and varied answers, but the most convincing is 1915. See the link below for more on the chronology of the Coast Guard.