What is"IP"in cameras?

Answer In reference to cameras, "IP" stands for "Internet Protocol." IP cameras, also called "network cameras," are closed-circuit television cameras that communicate over an Ethernet network. IP cameras ... Read More »

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What is the diference between dslr cameras and digital high zoom cameras?

* the A57 has a sensor that is 15 times larger than the HX300* the A57 uses interchangeable lenses. The HX300 has a fixed zoom lens* the A57 can shoot in RAW. The HX300 cannot.* the quality of t... Read More »

What kind of cameras does photographers use and where can i look for professional photography cameras?

There's a couple of great tips here on becomming a good photographer without spending a fortune, but if you simply want to gawk at what the pros use:Canon 1DS Mk2: Read More »

What is the difference between Arri Cameras and Panavision Cameras?

They are two different manufacturers. Your question about which is "best" is meaningless. BTW, these are not camcorders, they are film cameras.

What is the importance of ISO in film cameras and digital cameras?

ISO can affects the sensitivity of a camera- a higher iso means greater sensitivity, but also greater noise- a USUALLy unwanted con in high iso