What is zoom on a camera?

Answer Zoom is the feature on most cameras that brings an object closer without actually moving the camera. There are many different powers of zoom magnification available and, broadly speaking, two types... Read More »

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What is the difference between optical zoom & digital zoom on a camera?

The optical zoom is a true zoom. The lens uses all of the sensor on the camera so the resolution remains the same at any focal length A "digital" zoom really only crops the sensor, thus reducing t... Read More »

If you were to compare an EFS 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens to a camera with built in optical zoom what would be the equivalent i.e. 4x 8x 12x etc.?

What is the difference between a 10x zoom and a 12x zoom camera?

In the 10X, the longest focal length is 10X the shortest.Same idea for 12X.What's more important is what to what.28-105 is much more useful than 38-380 (film equivalents).Also be aware that in a 10... Read More »

What is a good compact mega zoom camera needs to be under 200 on amazon or eBay at LEAST 10 times ZOOM GREAT picture quality and functionality?