What is the zenith in the sky?

Answer The term "zenith" is used to relate a particular orientation. It is a variable reference point, varying depending upon the location of the observer, similar to the orientations of left and right.Lo... Read More »

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Who makes Zenith TVs?

LG Electronics, USA makes the Zenith brand of televisions, as well as Zenith home theater systems and digital converter boxes. The headquarters of Zenith is in Lincolnshire, Illinois. The American ... Read More »

Who manufactures Zenith TVs?

Zenith televisions are made by the Zenith Electronics Corp., which is a brand of LG Electronics, as of its acquisition in the 1990s. LG Electronics is part of the larger conglomerate LG Group.Refer... Read More »

What is the origin of the name Zenith?

Zenith is a unisex name with Greek origins that means "the heavens." The word zenith also refers to a culmination or the highest vertical point in the sky, directly above the observer.References:Ze... Read More »

Do they still make Zenith TVs?

As of 2010, Zenith is still in business making and selling televisions. Starting as a maker of radio equipment in 1918, the company went on to produce many "firsts," such as the first wireless remo... Read More »