What is your worst habit?

Answer eating sweets...

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Whats the worst personal habit you have or have heard of?

i know of someone who doesnt wash their hands after using the bathroom!!!Yuk!!!

What is your worst and best facial feature If you could change anything about your looks what would it be?

My best is probably my lips... I'm Asian and my lips are nice and full and I like the shape of them so it stands out on my faceMy worst is probably my jawline. I have a roundish face and I'd like a... Read More »

What is the worst Worst injury you've ever had?

ok is was the most absolute worst day of my life i was riding my bike wen i was like 13 on a gravel road. I looked down to check my speedometer and i was going 90 km/h then i put my gear into 7 and... Read More »

How to Get in the Habit of Working on Your Blog?

MANY people start a blog and stop thereA blog can do a lot of things for you. You can create a following, earn passive income, develop 'writing gigs'. However, everyone tends to get stuck in a rout... Read More »