What is your traditional desserts in your country?

Answer My country is the U.S., but rather than try to say what's traditional all over this diverse country, I'll stick to what I know best: Pennsylvania Dutch. Wet-bottom shoo-fly pie is the best known, ... Read More »

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What is you favorite traditional food in your country?

i lived in iran for 6 months and i tried a lot of food there they were yummy but my fav wasfesenjoon! :)i eat every kind of food

To all nationalities,what is the traditional dish of your country?

It's called ARROZ CON GANDULES, LECHON ASADO, PASTELES and COQUITO. I'll translate. This is in Puerto Rico.Rice with peas, lechon is broiled pig, pasteles is a food made of plaintain with chicken a... Read More »

What is it called when you attack a country outside your country to defend your country?

What are your top 3 favorite desserts?

Strawberry cheese cakeLemon cake chocolate malt!Great now im hungry.........