What is your town's most famous dish?

Answer I'm from Belgrade, Serbia and what we really enjoy eating here is sarma (pickled cabbage leaves wrapped around ground beef). Sarma is supposed to be cooked for a really long time, probably for abou... Read More »

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Hey Rock & Pop...What is your hometown most famous for?

there have been no songs that i am aware of that have my hometown in it. In fact, there havent been may famous people that have come from my town. My fav song with Home in it.Coming Home by Cindere... Read More »

What is the most delicious dish in your national cuisine (don't forget to indicate your nationality, please)?

I am a Filipino (from Manila, Philippines). We have a lof of delicious dishes in the Philippines, most of them deadly. Why deadly? Because the dishes are full of fats because the main ingredient... Read More »

What dish do you miss most from your mother's cooking?

bigos!!! mum was polish i grow up on polish sausage and potato with lots of mushrooms and loads of love

Who is the most famous person who shares your first name?

Geez... toughie!! I had to Google it to even get a name! Ivy Queen, a reggae star. There's also a band called Ivy on MySpace. I think I'll have to check them out!Thanks for a cool question!Ivy