What is your top three favorite oreo flavors?

Answer 1) Peanut butter2) Double Stuff3) Mint

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My favorite flavors are, chocolate and steak. What flavors are yours?

Funny you should ask! Fried Green Tomatoes, Cucumbers in Vinegar, and Sauerkraut & Winnies...Steak and white chocolate work, too.

What are your top 3 favorite tea flavors?

Earl GreyApple and CinnamonGreen Tea with honey

What is your favorite part in an oreo the cookie or the stuf?

What are your 3 favorite Ice Cream flavors?

No Order:- Chocolate-Peanut butter- My homemade version that is a homogenous combination. - Green Tea- Sweet CreamAs well as:- Cake Batter- White Chocolate with Macadamia nuts and Peanut butter- Co... Read More »