What is your top 3 favorite kinds of foods besides American?

Answer I agree! Mexican, Chinese & Italian!

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What are your favorite kinds of tea?

Oh I have so many:Green teaPeppermint teaCamomile and Spearmint teaEarl GreyLemon and Ginger teaI do not know what I would do without my tea

Simple question. What are your 3 favorite Spicy Foods If you don't like spicy foods what are your 3 ->?

Spicy Foods:Wasabi - For sushiChipotle MayoSpicy Thai Peanut SauceCheese:Pepper JackParmesan Fontina

What is your favorite kinds of shellfish?

I am also partial to oysters and lobsters. I prefer my shellfish steamed and the lobster served with melted butter. I like scallops even better than them and crayfish is good too. Every year I t... Read More »

What are your top ten favorite kinds of Soup?

1. Danish chicken and dumpling2. Chili bean soup (any beans you prefer, and can be made with Ground beef, crisp, bacon, ground turkey,your choice. You can also make vegetarian chili, omit the mea... Read More »