What is your suggestion for Yahoo! Answers for the points you get?

Answer I think the current system works fine as it is. You earn points to get to Levels, which shows others your contribution. You spend points by asking questions. I don't think there needs to be any ... Read More »

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What can I do with my Yahoo Answers Points Can I win stuff?

Maybe they can have a cyber shop where you can "spend" your points on pretties like GoOgly eyes or groucho marks mustache for our avatar. Just an idea, like I need to buy nothing with nothing depen... Read More »

How to Gain More Points in Yahoo! Answers?

There are more answer experts who went to the questions and answers forum known as "Yahoo! Answers" everyday and earn thousands of points by answering tons of questions and getting more best answer... Read More »

On Yahoo! Answers, how do I gain/lose points?

For every question you ask, you will lose 5 points. For every question you answer, you get 2 points. For every answer you gave that was chosen as a best answer, you get 10 points, for every answer ... Read More »

My score gets reduced by 5 points whenever I ask for a question in Yahoo Answers, why?

your points may drop - but your IQ may rise