What is your signature dish?

Answer Spanish Omelette

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When you are cooking, what is your signature dish?

Pasta arribiata. I also have a 5-generation bolognese recipe that I can do in my sleep - my family are Italian.

What's your family's signature dish?

The family I grew up with? (really un-impressive but so, so good)Pasta fagioli, fried chicken and zuchinni bread. My 'found family'? Turkey tacos. The people I live with go crazy of them.

What is your specialty What is your signature dish?

Spicy Kheema Kheema is a spicy North Indian (Punjabi) dish with distinct Moghul origins and influences. The Moghuls invaded India in the early 15th century and were thought to have originated from ... Read More »

How to create Electronic Signature/Digital signature using scanner..?

Sign a blank piece of paper, scan it, save as image, crop accordingly. Then just open / insert / copy/paste the image accordingly. That's what I did once. Though there may be other ways.