What is the safest way to pierce your septum yourself?

Answer Get a sterile piercing needle at least, It'll make putting the jewelry in easier as well as the fact that it's professionally and properly sterilized. You can defiantly buy these online, i don't kn... Read More »

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How do you pierce your own septum if all you have is a safety pin and a straight 14g barbell?

DON"T use a safety pin!!!!!!!it's not the same gauge and plus it'll hurt more.I pierced my own septum.If you really need a piercing needle I'll send you one of my unused ones for free. But here are... Read More »

What is a deviated septum?

A deviated septum occurs when the septum, which is the membrane inside the nose at its center, is pushed to the right or the left. It is sometimes caused by a hard blow or injury to the nose.Causes... Read More »

Can I change my septum piercing yet?

You should wait until about 6 weeks to change it out. This will insure the center of the piercing is healed. The white part you're referring to is the beginning of the fistula that will surround th... Read More »

How bad do septum piercings hurt?

Actually, if you have the other piercings, you should be fine! The most important thing is to have a piercer that knows what they are doing... they will hit the area that is called the "sweet spot... Read More »