If all cretures have a purpose, then what is the purpose of garden slugs?

Answer Garden slugs creep in your residence.While you're sleeping they enter your anus and impregnate you against your will.They brainwash your spermatozoa making them leave your balls to travel to your s... Read More »

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What is the purpose of vitamin B5 in your body?

Vitamin B5 is also known as pantothenic acid. The vitamin is essential for life to survive, says the National Institutes of Health.MetabolismVitamin B5's primary purpose is to help the body convert... Read More »

For what purpose did you last have to strap a plank of wood to your feet?

Funny you should ask that as I have just removed planks from my feet after winning the West Shortington Annual Plank Racing Race, This Race was first started in the reign of Charles 11 and contesta... Read More »

How can you control your pregnancy if you're a college student and can't go to the doctor in your country for this purpose?

Well I am very sorry to hear that. You really need to focus on school and get a good education so you can support this child in the future. You need to take care of yourself very well, you need to ... Read More »

The Purpose of Waxing Your Car?

Waxing a car is a common practice that is designed to coat a car's paint job with automotive wax to improve its appearance and make it last longer. Although waxing a car is not a necessity, and alt... Read More »