What is your pc specs.. The one u are using now..?

Answer My specs: * Intel Core i5-2400 * Asus P8H77-M Pro * Corsair Vengeance 4GB DDR3 RAM * WDC Blue 500GB HDD * Asus DRW-24B3ST * FSP SAGA-II 500 * Zebronics Aviator Gaming chassis * Dell IN2020M HD LED ... Read More »

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How to Calculate a Box for a Subwoofer Using Specs?

The specifications of your new subwoofer designate the volume of the interior space that the device needs to reside in. Carefully measuring out the dimensions of the length and the width of the int... Read More »

When your using your iPhone on iSO 5 how do you not use up your 3G data when using imessage?

Well to my opinoin I think they need a little comparing. Well for Android its very customizable you can get launchers and change some effects like a sliding effect you can make the sliding effect d... Read More »

What happens if your ex wife is still using your health insurance after the divorce and you are not responsible per your agreement for her health insurance?

Answer Contact your insurance company and let them know IMMEDIATELY !!!! Are you paying premiums for her?

You have custody of your 16 yr son Without your approval his father took him for his permit using your address Will your insurance go up in NY Can you do something to change the address?

Answer If you absolutely do not let him drive your vehicle, then no it won't go up. If you intend to let him drive, you need to contact your agent and add the boy to your policy, and yes, then it ... Read More »