What is your opinion on women who breastfeed in public places?

Answer I'm sure that many people will feel uncomfortable. I'm sure that lots of people feel that children shouldn't be allowed into restaurants other than McDonald's. But lucky for us, we live here, in ... Read More »

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Why are some people so rude when women breastfeed in public?

First off, kudos to you for nursing in public, and for sticking up for yourself.In the US, the concept of the breast is so sexualized, and bottle-feeding is such the norm, that some undereducated p... Read More »

What is your opinion about smoking in public places?

If there is smoking allowed, then there should be designated non-smoking areas, and those areas should be located in such a manner that a non-smoker does not have to walk through a smoking area to ... Read More »

How to Breastfeed in Public?

Kudos for breastfeeding! You've made a decision to give your child a great headstart in life. You've probably been cooped up in the nursery for the last few months, so it's time for you and the bab... Read More »

Do you breastfeed in public?

If you feel uncomfortable try wearing one of those nursing tops, they really don't expose a lot of skin and you can close them quickly when your daughter turns her head. Wear a jacket that you can ... Read More »