What is your opinion on the pledge of alligance in our childrens schools ?

Answer I fully support that ALL children should know the pledge of allegiance i think that it is the most ridiculous idea to take it out of schools when its been a tradition in our country for hundreds of... Read More »

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How to Pledge Your Eyes for Donation?

A guide on 'How to Pledge Your Eyes" by Tej Kohli Foundation. Pledging you eyes means taking a pledge to donate your eyes after death. India is home to largest number of corneal blind patients in t... Read More »

Do you have an opinion on Montessori Schools?

As a parent of two children attending Montessori school, I am whole-heartedly in favor of sending children to this type of school. In fact, my degree is in Education and I had determined that a Mo... Read More »

Can your ROTC teacher make you stand for the pledge or punish you for not doing so?

No. They can go once they've gotten their commission and are serving actively, but not as a student/cadet.

What would your childrens' names be in 1915?

-- Laurence Joseph & Anthony Homer-- Josephine Mattie-- Howard William [My name is actually Kathrina]-- Maxine Virginia & Theresa JuneActually, I like all the names, specially Maxine Virginia and ... Read More »