Gardeners. What insect in your opinion is the biggest threat to your garden?

Answer Probably "aphids". They are the most common insect and most prolific in garden settings. They are not just native to certain areas, but are found in every state, county, and city in the U.S. and ca... Read More »

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What, in your opinion, is your idea of the perfect sandwich?

Grilled Cheese2 slices of thick white bread (or you can use regular - thick is better)Velveeta (the real Velveeta cheese, not the store brand Velveeta cheese - this is important & really really mak... Read More »

What is your opinion on vegans?

We're awesome. Don't let other people bring you down. You'll probably live longer than them anyways.

What is your opinion on abortion?

I could never have an abortion. I couldn't live with the guilt of knowing i killed an unborn child. . . but i would never push my choice on others. If a friend had an abortion i would support her b... Read More »

What is your opinion on dishwashers?

Answer to question:I do not care for them, myself. I am a perfectionist. Washing by hand gives me the control of double checking that the dishes are clean before they are rinsed. I don't have that ... Read More »