What is your opinion on having a baby at 15?

Answer This is too young of an age to have a baby. Yes, the body can handle it but the mind is not ready for such a commitment in life. There are too many things for a 15 year old to do in life and plenty... Read More »

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Baby Namers: In your opinion...?

1) Large starting at 5. 2. I just think about what children would think of that name. If it's like Sebastian, which I kinda like, people may call him "crabby," or something.3. I like cute names. Fo... Read More »

Has any link been suggested between a baby having had blue baby syndrome and later at 3 yrs having epilepsy?

No as the blue baby is caused by a whole in the heart, and not epilepsy.

In what way did having a baby change your life?

I would have to put it this way – creating a child is something that is pretty much indescribable. People always say “love at first site” isn’t true or doesn’t exist—I’d have to say t... Read More »

What are the steps to having your baby up for adoption?

First you contact an adoption agency or adoption attorney -- they can help you through the process. You will be shown profiles of families that meet your criteria and are looking to adopt. Dependin... Read More »