What is your opinion on a 35mm camera?

Answer Without the brand and model number, it would be difficult to answer.If the camera is over 20 years old, unless it is a Nikon,none of its lenses will fit on any of the new DLSLR's

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Can you use the lenses from your minolta maxxum 7000i 35mm camera on a digital camera?

They should work on Minolta digital cameras, and possibly the new Sonys as well. Check carefully into the camera specs.

What is your opinion of the Flip(video camera)?

my mom has one for the family on trips and they are AWESOME u can do so much with it! if you record a video and u like part of a video you can go threw the video and pick a part of it as a picture!... Read More »

What was the first available digital camera that was comprable to a 35mm film camera?

The first digital camera based upon the body of a 35mm camera was the Kodak DCS420 (based upon a Nikon body)…Really the first digital camera to match film... Read More »

How much is your Sears SLR 35mm camera worth?

most Slrs sold from sears were canons if i am not mistakenrange findersand the early lawsuit poloroid knock off ones are worth alot