What is your opinion of the RAW VEGAN DIET?

Answer If you eat all the calories you need -and that means eat some nuts and seeds, and energetic fruits like coconut, avocado, olives, things like that...-, then it's perfectly healthy and good. If you ... Read More »

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If a parent is a vegan and insists on forcing his/her child to exist on a vegan diet ....?

I depends on whether or not the child is meeting proper weight and is healthy. As for forcing your lifestyle on your child, I'm not for that...We have made the choice to let our son choose his own ... Read More »

If the raw vegan(or just vegan) diet is optimal why would one need to take supplements while doing it ( B 12 )?

Well, this is the deal. You only need a small amount of B12. but it can be entirely missing in a vegan diet. I think the benefits of throughly washing your vegetables outweighs that it removes b12... Read More »

Does eating vegan or vegetarian diet make your farts smell better?

When I went vegan my farts smelt so much less than before. Meat makes your farts smell pretty bad =/

Can you reduce your chances of illness on a vegan diet rather than being an omnivore?

Remember, the Food Pyramid is just an invention of someone. The food chart we were given in school was, we found out later, was created and provided by the meat and dairy foundations.Anyway, illne... Read More »