What is your opinion of Dr. Bruce West and his Health Alert Newsletter?

Answer Where can I get a copy?

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RTV: Bruce Forsyth puts the cat amongst the pigeons, what's your opinion?

I'd agree with Brucie there Gartom, there is far too many RTV shows on right now.I'm only complaining 'cause I can't fit them all in lol !!

What is your opinion of the United States health care system?

It depends on how you mean. If you can afford to pay for your own care, the US system is the best in the world. Rich people come here from all over the world for health care. If you are a corpor... Read More »

SCAM ALERT: What's the best way to alert people about this scammer?

What a b**tard. I have a good-sized blog. I'll make sure to let all those writers know. Thx for update. it's always good to hear warnings about these scum.

THIS IS AN IDIOT ALERT...I REPEAT....THIS IS AN IDIOT ALERT....Where on my computer is the multiplication sign?

multiply = * above the 9 key on the number pad on a UK keyboard.division = / above the 8 key on the number pad on a UK keyboard.your not an idiot if you don't know these things you don't know them.... Read More »