What is your opinion about this intro animation?

Answer It is a BRILLIANT little Video at any price!BUT...A Flash intro on your site? A Flash that takes a few seconds to load?You are committing absolute suicide!95% of users will leave your site even be... Read More »

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What is your opinion about this dress,is it nice?

It's great and very stylish. And it doesn't matter if other people don't like it, because it's your style and you should be proud of it - Be unique.

Can you give me your opinion about this problem in my pc?

Get access to a program called AdAware...because you have some beasties that are in your computer. Usually a pretty easy thing to get rid of them. Anyway, get some sort of firewall and a good malwa... Read More »

How to get a customized 20th century fox intro splash animation with my own text?

You can try this tutorial:…

I need you opinion about this Video...?

Well it's just a music video. I'm pretty sure she doesn't walk around like that all the time.She's probably really nice in person