What is your opinion about adoption?

Answer AnswerMy opinion about adoption is if someone wants to adopt a child, go right on ahead. See, all of my children, when I get some, are ALL going to be adopted because I feel bad for the little kids... Read More »

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How has your opinion of adoption changed since visiting Y!A?

My opinion has not changed too much. I know that adoption is an unregulated business and children are the commodity. No question or answer has challenged my knowledge of that. I have been really... Read More »

What is your opinion about Milk?

I agree, drinking cow's milk, or eating any other dairy substance is terrible.

What is your opinion about Windows Vista.........?

awesome it has its own quality test where it will scan ur own PC components and rate ur hardware from 1-5 i guess and ur score will be the basis of what kind of software, etc you can install on ur... Read More »

What is your opinion about the Canon A720?

Canon A720 People said that it is really great digital camera, with great options and an affordable price.