What is your national fod?

Answer Hainanese Chicken Rice or Chilli Crabs! Singapore!

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What is the most delicious dish in your national cuisine (don't forget to indicate your nationality, please)?

I am a Filipino (from Manila, Philippines). We have a lof of delicious dishes in the Philippines, most of them deadly. Why deadly? Because the dishes are full of fats because the main ingredient... Read More »

What is your national dish in your country?

Good food! I have read two of my countrymen answered. I would just add and say that we have so many native dishes in the Philippines. We have our favorites top of the line like: Siningang na Isda, ... Read More »

What is the "national recipe" of your country?

i was a filipino national (philippines) but now i am a thai citizen (thailand) ;> so i've got 2 national recipe ;>1) Som Tam Esan (Som Tam) or Papaya Salad...THAILAND ;>This salad is delicious serv... Read More »

What in your opinion is the "national dish" of the US?