What would you name your children if.......... (Kind of a Baby Name Game)?

Answer 1. Colours:Girls:Azure Isobel.Cyan Katie. Boys:Grey Benjamin. Jett Matthew.2. Flowers:Girls:Lily Madeleline.Calla Grace.Boys:Basil Samson. Aster Liam.3. Actors:Girls:Sandra Annette. (After Sandra A... Read More »

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Baby Name Section. What are your thoughts on the name Sarah Anne?

Sarah is my fave cousins name, she is 9, Anne is my fave aunts name in the same family, so that's where the name came from. I could care less who doesn't like it, and it's a baby 3 days old, not so... Read More »

According to the "Baby Name Advisor", what should your name be?

Priscilla & CashI am not too fond of either. I suppose Cash could be a fine nickname for a name like Charles, but by itself it doesn't sound very proper. I really dislike Priscilla. If that was act... Read More »

What would you name your Baby if....... (#2)?

1. Fletcher2. Stephanietress...3. Dodge4. Dolley (Dolley Madison)5. not quite there yet.

What would you name your Baby if..... (#3 hehe..)?

1. Morrie (Tuesday's With Morrie)2. Uhh... Satan?3. Milo4. Paprika5. Peanut