What is your muscle peak?

Answer Your "weight instructor" is misinformed. You need to be doing different exercises to develop this area of the upper arm.The biceps peak is made up of the long head or outer head of the biceps. Ex... Read More »

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What do you do to ensure that your computer is regularly maintained and tuned-up for peak performance?

OK, OK, as a techie, I'll cop to being a little derelict as regards my personal computer. But I usually run Frankenstein machines that are pieced together from other people's junk, with slight perf... Read More »

What would happen if you replaced skeletal muscle with cardiac muscle?

Nothing, you will be more vulnerable to "HEART PROBLEM EVERYWHERE".

How to Achieve Your Peak of Success in Every Profession of Life?

Every human being is not perfect which is theoretically and practically true but there are certain ways through which he or she can gain success by a good focus on his or her target.

What is your worst muscle soreness?

LEG DAYS, especially calves. Seriously, done a leg workout the Monday still walking like I have pooed myself