What is your motivation for being vegetarian/vegan?

Answer Well, I am not 100% vegetarian. I only eat meat about once a month.I never felt good after eating meat. It was always too greasy. Now that I eat veggie burgers and tofu, I feel a lot better and ... Read More »

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What is your motivation for staying a vegetarian/vegan?

THis question is so upside down to me. The very thought of eating dairy and meat is repulsive. It makes your body so acidic, so stressed and slow digesting. Meat takes the longest to digest, and in... Read More »

What's your motivation to clean your room?

I don't need motivation it has to get done and I will get it done

How to Increase Your Motivation to Learn English Pronunciations?

While the English language is one of the most difficult to master, the pronunciation of English words can be especially challenging. The language ranks as one of the top 10 languages of the world w... Read More »

Is pregnancy the only cause of your cervix being blue and having a thick white and sometimes yellow tinged mucus vaginal discharge and your period being five days late?

Answer Blue cervix is caused by increased blood flow throught the cervical tissue. Anything that increases estrogen will cause it including pregnancy, birth control pills, and breast feeding. Thi... Read More »