Can i have your a biological mothers name taken off the birth certificate?

Answer Frequently in an adoption by two parents, a second birth certificate is issued with the adoptive mother's name is placed in the name for the mother. It has a reference mark. Only a person in the vi... Read More »

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If relinquishing your child is the greatest act of love, then aren't "birth mothers" the REAL mothers?

Phil,Just so there will be some balance here to all the crackho and dumpster mothers.Just so there will be some balance for all of the people who think that every child who is adopted was "unwanted... Read More »

Are there any names on your list you like only as a middle name and would not consider for a first name +BQ!?

Lol, like they say, us Americans are quite geocentric...=/. I find it quite nice to have a diversity in the section. It gives a greater variety of opinions and thoughts.Yes, I have a few names that... Read More »

What is your 1# favorite name (first and middle) for each gender at the moment?

Wow!! I love your names!! I really do!! In fact, those are my #1 favorite names ... no joke! Only there's a slight difference.Girl: Anastasia ScarlettBoy: Alexander King I just love these names! I ... Read More »

What was Oprah Winfreys mothers name?