Most embarrassing moment?

Answer Ha. Well I was just on a field trip for the March for Life Event in D.C. the other week, and once the trip was over, we ate at a restaurant for dinner. So I'm just talking to my friends and stuff a... Read More »

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Your most embarrassing moment?

the farting is bad. i had it awefully stinky with my pregnancies. i had lots of gas and it was stinky so i always tried to go away from people when i had to but it always seemed someone would follo... Read More »

What's your most embarrassing period moment?

My tampon fell out at the alter one Easter Sunday while I was at the alter taking communion. It fell out my panties and on to the floor just as I was sipping the red wine. So I just kicked it under... Read More »

Teens: The most embarrassing moment?

Well this didn't happen to me but my friend, I was there and it was hilarious! Hope it cheers you up :)Me, my sister and our friend are all the best of friends and are always at each others houses.... Read More »

What was your most embarrassing braces moment?

When there were tuna stuck in there and the guy I liked commented on it :(