How embarrasing!?

Answer One night last year I met a really pretty girl at a bar in town, we were both quite drunk and one thing led to another and she asked me if I would like to go back to her place for a "coffee", obvio... Read More »

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Embarrasing question........?

It's normal, I went through the same thing myself.It's the bud of the breast growing and when pressure is applied it becomes sore.It'll go away eventually.

HELP Kind of embarrasing?

Haha the big butt and big boobs can be determined by genetics and puberty. These can generally be controlled with a good diet, but sometimes you just can't help it. Legit, no lie, there was a girl ... Read More »

Embarrasing Problem... please don't be nasty?

This is a recognised medical condition . Please go to your GP I am sure they will be able to suggest various things that could help . Diet does play a large part in the make up of perspiration so ... Read More »

I keep leaking on my bed when i have my period. Its really embarrasing having to tell my mom. What should i do?

Make sure you try and use overnight pads. I place an old towel underneath me especially the first two nights.You might want to set your alarm clock once during the night to get up and change.