What is your least favorite ethnic food, then list your ethnicity?

Answer Hey, mac and cheese and I'm multicultural.

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Short Ethnic Food Survey anyone Which is your favorite Ethnic foods?

1: Japanese2: ...Hmm...American/Canadian3: Thai!!4: Indian5: MexicanI'm part Polish, part Ukranian, part Indian (so part Asian =D ), part English/British (how I can do the accent so well..), ..and ... Read More »

What is your favorite ethnic food and why?

As a chef I worked all over the world for a hotel chain, got to eat some great foods and a few bizarre ones to, I live in Toronto Canada, we have one of the largest ethnic communities in North Amer... Read More »

Your favorite ethnic food?

Most asian food (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Indian)

What's your favorite ethnic food?

Ethiopian! Especially sinnig karia which are these little jalapeno peppers stuffed with marinated onions served as an appetizer.