What is your least favorite Fruit?

Answer i don't like grapefruit.

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What is your favorite/least favorite aspect of your local coffee shop?

I hate this one coffee shop that has great food and coffee but little tables and uncomfortable chairs. It also has poor lighting, bad acoustics (no sound proofing) and a dinky bathroom.I want a cof... Read More »

What are your favorite and least favorite things about being pregnant?

I had the worst constipation and gas build up. It hurt so much I couldn't breath without hurting. I drank milk of magnesia and its grosssss and it didn't help very much. I would cry because it k... Read More »

What is your FAVORITE and Least Favorite Household Chore?

I don't mind doing any household chores at all, but seem to have a big problem putting clothes away after being folded. Sometime I will let them sit for days and just look at them and say to myself... Read More »

What is your favorite & least favorite vegetable to eat?

Broccoli, garlic and watercress are my favorites, but I love almost all vegetables!! :)Least favorite: fennel.