What is your idea of a perfect breakfast?

Answer It's not a breakfast for every day as it's not very healthy but my ideal is really good sausages, cooked so the skins are a bit crispy, freshly cut white bread, make a sandwich with the sausages an... Read More »

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What is a good idea for breakfast in bed?

Chocolate sauce and whipped cream in a can.Well, I would suggest to just skip the breakfast.Maybe later have some Froot Loops or something.;)Edit: Throw some sprinkles on, too.Walt: Just throw the ... Read More »

Is This a Healthy Breakfast Idea ?

That sounds really healthy. These are few more ideas for you:1.French toast Instead of eggs and milk, try using ingredients like soy milk, silken tofu, bananas, or apple butter.2.An endlessly adapt... Read More »

Breakfast idea for a teen?

It's great you're trying to find more time to eat a healthy breakfast!A banana is full of energy and you can devour a large banana for less than 100cal for breakfast. If you don't want to primarily... Read More »

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast?

An editor has suggested a title changeMake a Classic Breakfast (Different Methods) In accordance with the title policy, titles should be the most concise, most commonly searched way to describe the... Read More »