What is your hangover cure?

Answer milk. as gross as it sounds, it absorbs all the alcohol in your stomach and lines the inside. it helps you feel better and prevents throwing up

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What is your best hangover cure?

Two portions of Jellied Eels and a lump of unbuttered bread - and what in God's name is "Full Fat Coke" - since when did coke have ANY fat in it ! ! !

What is your favorite hangover cure?

vitamins b and c and an asprin at night, good amount of water in mid of night or gatorade- helps

What realy is the best way to CURE(notice the word cure) a hangover?

My 'CURE'..2 strong painkillers,a banana milkshake (if you can keep it down!)good source of Potassium,ideal for hangovers,or Rehydrate,buy it from chemist,mix with water and drink.Bed rest,cold com... Read More »

Whats your hangover cure?