How to Keep in Touch With Girlfriends?

Answer As you mature and the demands of life change, it can become increasingly difficult to keep in touch with girlfriends. From caring for children to basic household chores -- which include cooking, cl... Read More »

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How many girlfriends does Hugh Hefner have currently?

Its my and my girlfriends 2 year anniversary...?

italian restaurants are usually romantic. if she's more of a meat and potatoes type girl, take her to a nice steak house. seafood restaurants are usually really nice if you want to spend the mone... Read More »

How can I help with my girlfriends period pain?

Your girlfriend may benefit from being on the birth control pill. This greatly reduces PMS and pain associated with menstral periods. In the meantime she can take something like midol that she can ... Read More »

What if your pregnant girlfriends parents won't let you see her can they do that?

Answer If she is a minor, yes. Once the child is born they can still prevent you from seeing their daughter, but not your child. Start preparing yourself for a battle.1.file for your parental ri... Read More »