What is your favourite toasted sandwich filling?

Answer Depends... Sweet - apple and brown sugarSavoury - cheese and MarmiteMmmm, hungry....

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What is your favourite filling for a toasted sandwich?

cheese and tomato :)When i used to work in a cafe, they sold alot of tuna toasted sandwichs...

What is your favourite HOT sandwich filling?

my favourite in kinda expensive so i don't get to have it too often.Fillet steak cut into strips and fried with red onion, salt & pepper, and a little garlic and chilli powder.gorgeous.... mmmmm

What was your favourite sandwich filling when you were a child?

Crisp butties are nice I used to so brown sauce butties when I got home from school.

What is your favourite pancake filling?

Cream and StrawberriesThis is also a nice recipe :Peach Blueberry Pancake Syrup1 cup sliced fresh peaches1 cup fresh blueberries2 tablespoons sugar1/2 cup unsweetened apple juicedash of ground nutm... Read More »