What is your favourite social network?

Answer None! They're all annoying. PS did I insult you?

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What's your favorite social network and what do you think about social networks in general?

my favorite one is facebook. in general soclal networks mean where you can make new friends and share ideas.

What was the first social network?

Early social networking websites started in the form of generalized online communities such as The WELL (1985), (1994), Geocities (1994) and (1995). These early communities ... Read More »

Does anyone know of a good social network?

Sure thing, Hello, my name is James P Reardon Sr, I am the founder of BetterMember and the site administrator of the bettermember community. We offer a variety of fun and with our new ... Read More »

Can some one help me in makingig my social network?

Before you start PHP i recommend you start with CC+ scripting being that they are quite similar, though one is for programs and the other is for web.keep searching. as there are some site that have... Read More »