What is your favourite main meal?

Answer A nice thick steak, medium rare, cooked on a barbque. I don't know how many of you know about salt potatoes but there little white potatoes that you boil in a bunch of salty water, with the skins o... Read More »

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Americans what is your favourite dinner Don't mean fast food but a sit down meal with the family, favourite?

any kind of stir fry with some sort of meat or tofu, lots of vegetables, garlic, onions, spices, and whatever other flavors i feel like. That's the whole meal, no sides or anything...then for des... Read More »

What is your favourite meal?

Sounds good. It changes. I enjoy pizza, sushi, soups, homemade bread and stew. Love a good old-fashioned fish and potato casserole. I hate tuna casserole. Sometimes, macaroni and cheese. I do... Read More »

What is your favourite english meal and why ?

stew and dumplings or yorkshire pudding and heaps of gravy. yum

What is your favourite indian meal?

Vindaloo if ive been drinking but madras if not.