What is your favourite food ?

Answer corn on the cob with lime butter

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Americans what is your favourite dinner Don't mean fast food but a sit down meal with the family, favourite?

any kind of stir fry with some sort of meat or tofu, lots of vegetables, garlic, onions, spices, and whatever other flavors i feel like. That's the whole meal, no sides or anything...then for des... Read More »

What is your favourite food..?

Desi girl yaar best khaana bhindi masala aur chapatti roti hai! Also yaar baingan bharta!!! Main Punjabi whom these dishes are best. Oh allo Aloo Bhangan aur aloo bhangan laykin Aloo Wadi is bes... Read More »

What's your favourite food?

I quite like Mexican food: tacos, burritos and Chinese: satay chicken, honey chicken and then things like spaghetti, tuna mornay, lasagna and many more!!!

Do you do too this with your favourite food or snack that's bad for you?

M&M is's liquor that you need to worry about...tons of calories in them lol