What is your favourite festive food in your Culture?

Answer I'm Portuguese, we have various types of foods on festivals!!The best one is bacalao or cod it's the same thing(fish) with potatoes in Portuguese :batata.We cook it on clay bowls small ones!! Well ... Read More »

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What is your favourite food Does that belong to your culture?

cafe con leche (that is espresso with milk), pan criollo (that is like Spanish, Italian or French bread), pan de mallorca (sweet bread from Mallorca), anything made with filo dough or puff pastry l... Read More »

What is your favourite food from a different country/culture?

What's your favourite decoration to make your home feel festive?

Fairy lights.We have them all around the garden and our house, inside and out. They just make the place seem so happy, bright and cheery. And our 6 month old Daughter loves to watch them twinkle.

Americans what is your favourite dinner Don't mean fast food but a sit down meal with the family, favourite?

any kind of stir fry with some sort of meat or tofu, lots of vegetables, garlic, onions, spices, and whatever other flavors i feel like. That's the whole meal, no sides or anything...then for des... Read More »